Semjon Adlaj
Scientific Researcher

Section of Stability Theory and Mechanics of Controlled Systems
Division of Complex Physical and Technical Systems Modeling
A.A. Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Several Fundamental Publications

Selected Seminar Talks and a Lecture

Selected Workshops and Conferences

Worldwide Collaboration

Few Short Papers

Few Excerpts and Highlights

Few interdisciplinary (non-technical) concepts, explained to curious practitioners

Educational Issues and Concerns

a Tribute to Music

an Invitation

Математика - язык естествознания” is an open club for all interested schoolers,
along with their companions (whether family members or teachers).
Wide range of topics are exposed by active scientists and discussed at many levels
(while excluding “teaching and preaching” methodology),
eventually involving all (necessarily including the youngest) participants.

The club organizes an annual conference for aspired school age researchers.

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